Precision-RP Shock & Vibe Handlebar Clamp

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The Precision Racing Products Shock & Vibe Handlebar Mounting Clamp has been engineered to absorb shock & vibration transmitted though the handlebars while maintaining the handlebar angle.  The Precision Shock & Vibe Clamp is assemble using CNC Machined Billet Aluminum & Stainless Steel components.

  • 300% reduction in vibration over anti-vibe stem alone
  • Adjustable Spring Preload for personal preference
  • Maintains the control and feel of a solid handlebar
  • Maintains proper handlebar angle through the travel
  • Bumps jar the bike not the bars
  • Reduces arm-pump and rider fatigue

Kit Includes:  2 Shock & Anti-Vibe Clamps, Bar Pad, all necessary hardware.


  1. Standard Bar Size (7/8") or Fat Bar Size (1 1/8")
  2. Teixeira Tech Anti-Vibe Mouning Hardware or Stock (oem) Mounting Hardware